Inline Closure Manufacturer Introduces The Composition Of Fiber Optic Lighting

Inline Closure Manufacturer Introduces The Composition Of Fiber Optic Lighting

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Fiber-optic lighting, I don’t think it’s very high. In fact, fiber-optic lighting is sure to be seen. It is an illumination system consisting of a mirror, a light source, a color filter and an optical fiber. Then follow the Inline Closure manufacturer to see the knowledge of fiber optic lighting.

First, the installation of the illuminator is usually installed in a place that is convenient for the staff to operate, easy to maintain, and not easily accessible. The illuminators belonging to the indoor type can generally be installed directly on the brackets in the electric shaft, or can be installed in the distribution box with the lock.

If the outdoor illuminator can be placed on the outdoor can be used for the bracket, it can also be placed inside the rainproof box with the lock outside, installed against the wall.

Second, followed by fiber optic installation, like some light-emitting cables, you can directly through the pvc plastic pipe laying, as far as possible to maintain a straight line during installation, as much as possible to reduce the music, bending, it is easy to cause distortion Usually, the radius of the fiber bend should be greater than or equal to 12 times the diameter.

If the fiber is illuminated by a line, it is usually laid directly outside the building outside the billboard. The tool is to choose a karting or to fix the tie, but the radius of the bend must be greater than or equal to 20 times the diameter when bending. Note that the outside of the building should be waterproof.

Third, the point-emitting optical fiber usually uses a special connection kit and the light-emitting terminal. In order to further determine the normal input of the bright system, the optical fiber should be fully cleaned when installing the optical fiber. Dust-proof measures should be taken during the connection process.

Fourth, the final installation of the illuminating lamp is actually the same as the usual installation method of the luminaire. Xiaobian is no longer embarrassed. Care should be taken when installing the illuminator to avoid collisions. Attention should also be paid to dust prevention during the installation process.